Harveys Testimonial

I just wanted to write to say how AMAZING this site is and how glad I am that I chose to join. I mulled it over for a few days, not sure whether to join, but around half an hour ago I took the plunge and I can instantly see I made the right decision. The video and picture quality is stunning, the sets are superb and of course, the girls are gorgeous!

With other sites of a similar nature, I have often felt they’re catered for the older gentleman. As I am 23, I regularly felt I didn’t fit in but I do not get this vibe at all from PantyhoseStudios. I feel as though I could comment on videos and I do not feel ashamed or alienated for having this interest. That’s a tight thing to get right and I am so glad you have nailed it!

I think one of the highlights for me is the store. Having the option to buy used items seems like SUCH a good feature, and one I haven’t seen replicated elsewhere. If it is not uncouth for me to say so, I absolutely love the power dynamic of that transaction. It’s embarrassing enough to give it a little naughtiness but subtle enough that the ‘humiliation’ isn’t overplayed. I myself am single so I wouldn’t often get the chance to own used pantyhose from a beautiful woman so I am delighted you offer this. I’m sure, come payday, that Gabrielle and co will drain my wallet!

I’ll keep it short as I do not wish to take up too much of your time but thank you for creating such a good site and congratulations on a successful launch!

Your grateful new subscriber,

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