Worn Pantyhose Testimonial

The website really is amazing. The fact you can easily purchase worn pantyhose as well is an added bonus!

The website has more and more content added all the time, it is super entertaining!

I have ordered many pantyhose in the past but Gabrielle’s worn pantyhose are by far the most cherished! Her worn pantyhose turned up within 10 days, she wore them for the amount of time we agreed and also sent through a picture set wearing them which I also requested.

I have followed Gabrielle for many years and this website is truly something special. More and more girls are added each day, the quality of the films are amazing. You can purchase used pantyhose that you see in the films and can request a certain pair to be worn for a certain amount of time.

If you are thinking of joining, once you do. You won’t leave.

The Mint xx

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