Having a fetish is more common than you think! Here at PantyHose Studios, celebrate a collection of the most popular fetishes in the world - do any tickle your fancy?


As we all know, here at PantyHose Studios, fetishes should be embraced and celebrated by all who have one – as long as it’s consensual from everyone involved of course! 

There is often a misconception that a kink and a fetish are the same thing, but there is a difference. And it can help to distinguish if you have a kink or a fetish towards a certain object or activity. 

A kink is when you get aroused from something that is not considered the sexual norm, but a fetish is where you almost always won’t become aroused unless this fetish is involved. Here we take look at  some of the most popular fetishes around, as well as some that you may not have heard about… 

Foot fetish

One of the most popular fetishes (and the one we love the most at PantyHose) is a foot fetish! This normally involves heterosexual men getting aroused by anything and everything foot related. This fetish usually  entails “foot worship” which is where someone treats their sexual partner’s foot like it is a holy object (hence the worship), this means that they will want to kiss it or caress it. 

Even if you don’t have a foot fetish yourself, you may be able to get unlimited foot massages from your partner if they have one, a win-win situation in our eyes – so don’t dismiss the idea too quickly!

Impact play

Impact play is the use of anything to hit the body for pleasure. We must stress that with impact play,  as pleasurable as it can be for all partners, it has to be done safely and consensually to avoid any  pain or injury. The hitting can  include the use of anything from your bare hands to whips and belts. It is advisable to start off quite gently and work your way up until you know the pain threshold of the other person, it is also important to choose a safe word, so you know when to stop.


Another fetish that is quite popular (and you may not even realise you have!) is that of your partner wearing certain lingerie to get you aroused during intercourse. Lingerie can be a great way of initiating intercourse with a partner, by donning a set of underwear that you know your partner enjoys you wearing, you can really get things going. The most common underwear that draws a fetish is stockings, which can also overlap into a foot fetish.

Water Sports

Also known as urophilia, and more commonly “golden showers”, don’t be expecting to stay dry for long with this fetish! This is where people find urination sexually arousing and enjoy being peed on or peeing on their sexual partner. 

This fetish is more popular than you may think, with many people being aroused by the warm sensation of urine. Think you have heard of this fetish before? You probably have! It came to the forefront of media attention in 2017 when an unverified dossier reported  that US President, Donald Trump, engaged in this act.  


A fetish that you have most likely of heard about, bondage is part of the BDSM umbrella. This involves being tied up, or tying up, your sexual partner.  This fetish has reached mainstream attention in recent years with the release of 50 Shades of Grey, resulting in  more and more people experimenting with the idea. 

The process of being tied up normally starts with something that you have readily available – such as a belt – to see if the idea is something that all partners are comfortable with. This can then be turned into items that are specific to this fetish such as handcuffs. Again with a form of restraint it is important to gain consent and devise a safe word. 


Although pubic hair (or lack thereof!) can be a turn on, this fetish focuses solely on head  hair.. Whether this be touching the hair and playing with it, or how you enjoy the way it smells, these can all be ways to get you aroused. This could also be due to how the hair looks and is styled, as some people prefer hair in pigtails or just loose, suggesting  a fun attitude and that you’re ready for action. 


This fetish crosses over into role play, with “I do love a man/woman in uniform” being taken in a literal sense. This means that whether you think  your partner would look good as a fireperson, a policeperson, a doctor or a nurse, you could have a uniform fetish. This could also apply to a schoolgirl uniform which is a part of age play – where one partner is treated as if they are a different age to what they actually are. 

If you feel like you have any of these fetishes, you are not alone! They are very popular globally and you should not be afraid to express your feelings about them – or any other weird and wonderful desires you have. Instead you should explore and celebrate your fetish, after all, it’s part of what makes you who you are. Try to be confident in expressing your preferences to your partner – the worst that can happen is that they don’t want to give it a try!

One place where you will find people happy to indulge in foot and pantyhose fetishes, is at the Pantyhose Studio. Why not join our welcoming and open minded community? We would love you to join us. View our excellent membership options on site or get in touch with us by using our online enquiry forms.

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