Gabrielle Taylor


Gabrielle Taylor, known for everything pantyhose, tights and feet! If you have are a pantyhose lover, then Gabrielle Taylor will introduce you to all our hot girls wearing pantyhose and their sexy pantyhose legs.

Gabrielle Taylor started pantyhose studios for all the pantyhose addicts and we have many women wearing pantyhose in Exclusive Films & Reviews.

If you follow the PantyHoseStudios YouTube Channel, you will know Gabrielle and her reviews very well. The Website is much different to the YouTube channel, you will get everything you want from pantyhose feet videos, to sexy pantyhose pics.

Used Pantyhose

Gabrielle offers her used pantyhose on the website, if you are looking to purchase worn and used pantyhose, you should send us a message for more details. Gabrielle will wear them for a certain amount of time before shipping the used tights to you.

Gabrielle brought the Studio to life in early 2019, bringing a group of girlfriends together. Now, PantyHoseStudios has its own website, a new studio and lots of new girls!

Gabrielle is also the owner of PantyHoseStudios!

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