Oparazzi Testimonial

I am Oparazzi, I believe many of you already know of me, but for the new followers that don’t, I want to give you my thoughts about this gorgeous and gracious Lady.

Gabs, I’ve known for quite a while, ever since her LegsLavish days on youTube. Has she come a long way since those days. 

I always knew there was something special about Gabby even back then. Her spunk and humour is what caught my attention the most. Admittedly so; I was also drawn to her pantyhose legs, but especially her pantyhose feet. At first I was actually quite intimidated to introduce myself or comment, but then soon realized how incredibly sincere and kind she is, so I approached her and our friendship grew from there.

When she started Pantyhosestudios on YouTube and bringing in her girls..Lexi Pie, Lizzie, Victoria, to mention a few, you all know, I just knew she was going places. Then OnlyFans was born, but she ran into ISP and Web design problems amongst other things, but she persevered. I followed her throughout, good times and bad, not just as a fan, but we grew very close as friends too.

We have become very close, we laugh ,we cry ,we get angry, we have fun, we poke fun at each other, we call each other out, we are forever friends. 

Oh dear, as Gabby knows I get emotional, and what I’m about to write now won’t help…LOL!!

To my Sweet EB, I wish you all the best and success on your new adventure and site. 

I will always be in your corner, supporting you, and being there for you whenever you need me or need an ear!!

I will be with you all the way EB

Your forever PITA

With all my Love Honey


PS. EB and PITA are our little secret

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