Professional Women Who Love to Wear Pantyhose

Professional Women Pantyhose

Sucker for a professional woman in pantyhose?

Yep, we’re exactly the same. For decades, pantyhose have been a staple of a woman’s professional work wardrobe – the final touch to complete any outfit and ensure they look their best. And, admit it, there’s just something about pantyhose teamed with a uniform that truly gets the heart racing. 

Here we take a look at just a few of the professions that love to wear pantyhose on a daily basis. 

Glamour models

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; our beautiful girls – here at the studio – adore pantyhose just as much as you do. Most have a successful career in the modelling industry, perhaps as a page 3 girl or glamour model – but, over time, their love for wearing pantyhose has led them to us. 

So, why do they like them so much?

Everything about them screams femininity and sexiness. As soon as the silky soft nylon stretches over their long toned legs, they feel instantly desirable. Not only do pantyhose feel great against the skin, they also accentuate a woman’s figure and make our girls ooze with confidence. 

What’s more, their main goal is to fulfil your pantyhose needs and if that means rolling up a new pair of nylons and posing for the camera, they are more than happy to oblige.

Flight attendants

Air hostesses are usually asked to wear pantyhose for practical reasons and to showcase the airline in the best possible light. But, they certainly get us hot under the collar.

These are professional women that are renowned for their polished and sexy look.  It’s the dream combination; a smart tight-fitting uniform paired with shiny nylons. And, after a long-haul flight, many people fantasise about watching them kick off their high heels and peel off their tights.

Interestingly, flight attendants were one of the first professions to sell their used pantyhose online. There’s a huge demand for it. Which is why – dedicated as ever to satisfying your needs – our girls are happy to try a little role play and dress up in a sexy cabin crew outfit for your pleasure. Just tell us what you want to see and we’ll get to work creating your dream ‘air hostess in pantyhose’ film.  


Although secretaries don’t usually have a uniform, they must always look chic and professional. As such, most like to slip on a pair of pantyhose with their high-waisted pencil skirt and tailored blouse – and, over the years, sheer hosiery has become increasingly associated with the profession. 

This is another popular fantasy amongst our members, and we totally understand why. We’re a huge fan too and our girls absolutely love dressing up in a secretary’s sexy attire. 

Countless ‘pantyhose secretary’ films can be found in our online library. So, whether you dream of watching a secretary as she gets ready for work or would like upskirt footage from beneath her desk, there’s bound to be something to suit. It’s also possible to buy a custom video of Gabrielle herself, as she pretends to be a naughty secretary and provides breath-taking views of her pantyhose legs. 

Want to see professional women in pantyhose?

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As part of a standard membership, you’ll gain access to a gallery of exclusive images and videos – all of which showcase seductive, professional women in pantyhose. Content is separated into categories, so it’s easy to find clips of a certain profession (i.e. secretary, flight attendant, nurse, police officer). And, if you have a special interest, you can even request your own personal video. 

We also have a popular subscription upgrade, Pantyhose X. Again, this features exclusive footage of women who like to wear pantyhose; but it takes things to the next level, with intimate topless images and erotic videos of professional women as they worship each other’s pantyhose.

All memberships are available for a fair price. So why not take a look today? Choose the one that is right for you and, then, watch our professional women in pantyhose until your heart is content. 

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